Max Death Count Bug Will not disappear and abnormal speed Ai npc in netherworld

Death Count Popup Wont disappear and Abnormal AI Npc On Netherworld
yesterday I was doing crystal hunting in netherworld, and I found the popup death match bug didn’t want to disappear when I stayed away and this happened in a few netherworlds and this is a bug I caught but in my opinion this bug doesn’t bother but this small bug must be fixed even though it’s trivial

photo capture death match count popup:

Annoying Abnormal speed
Abnormal speed in the Netherworld AI NPC, I am trying to complete the netherworld some have finished, and I continue the crystal hunt but I see the speed of the npc in the netherworld is very fast than usual, sometimes in other netherworld Ai Npc is normal But in some matches the Ai NPC speed changes in the Netherworld and some are abnormal, I’m not sure why this often appears but this situation is very annoying when npc piles up and doesn’t have a delay when it hits the target, sometimes it’s very fast so it’s hard to kill, please optimize immediately because sometimes npc will be abnormal

I’ve seen the text popup that won’t disappear before.

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yes it doesn’t bother you but it looks like it disturbs the concentration of other peoples

It can be annoying at sometimes, but it’s not the worst bug.
I believe it’s survivable for now.

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but the thing that was troubling now was the abnormal speed of the AI ​​NPCs in several netherworlds

Post your the bugs and issues here: Bugs Megathread.

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small bugs allowed? Written rules are no more than twice reporting bugs hmm

From Bugs Megathread:


  • Check that the info you are posting isn’t already here, don’t post the same bug multiple times.
  • If you have additional info about a bug, feel free to post it. Don’t post if you don’t have anything to add.
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