🔒 Maybe quiting pw got hack

few days ago someone hack nammed Deleted and stole my 50pl, then droped to 30pl and today my friend got hacked. a close friend who lives nearby. now i have 16pl left. and the 3 days ago my other trusted player got hacked.

both friends named :

if you want to help donate please go to @wizardquitting. thank you.
also a player named ^yukio^ is using that account for scamming.

Maybe look into your friends, this doesn’t seem right. The fact that your close friend that lives by also got hacked. My suggestion is to change your password first. also this is not the place for reporting, if you need help with this in the future, i’d suggest you talking to a mod or admin.

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I changed pass and email alrd and the admins cant solve this problem ithink

naming and shaming is not allowed to call out scammers or hackers on the forums, Im sorry that you got hacked and I hope you can recover.

probs your password is simple, never tell your passwords.

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Please remove their names as naming and shaming isn’t allowed.
Send a DM to one of the mods regarding the problem
also message support for a more proper report

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thats my friends. jack and piwsquad not hackers or scammers.

Name deleted in original post but still shown in your quote

If u know ^yukio^ is using your account to scam , then why don’t u just report bhim lol? also please delete the name

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Stop using hacks and maybe you will not get hacked.
Why would someone hack you when they can hack NotEvil or some real rich people?


First of all, how did you get hacked? Also, why are you asking for donation when you have the word ‘quitting’ although its not guaranteed as you say ‘maybe’. This is not the right place to ask for donations.

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Why would I donate to someone quitting the game :thinking:


That’s where the maybe part comes in

yes he is a scammer to