I. Introduction
Why does micro exist? I don’t even know the reason why. But the only thing I do know is that it is illegal by the game rules.

This is the official game rules of Pixel Worlds, and in here it says

No gambling: (casino, drop games etc., GAMES OF CHANCE)
Violation will result in a ban.

Now to know why it is illegal, you need to understand how micro works 1st.

II. How Micro Works
Micro is a turn-based game in which you have 18 lives to battle against an opponent. There are 2 choices, attack or defend. Attacking an opponent can get you from 1-5 attack power, and defending can get you 0-4 shield.

Whoever has the lowest amount of defense takes damage: for example, You roll 3 shield, your opponent rolls 4 attack, then you get 1 damage, OR if you roll 2 shield, and he rolls 1 attack, he gets 1 damage.

III. Why Micro is Illegal

Micro is illegal due to the extensive use of randomizing.
Randomizing counts as a game of chance, since you don’t know how many attack power and how many shield you can get. The only thing you know is that it is from 1-5 attack power, and 0-4 shield. And though it requires a lot of skill, it is most certainly a game of luck due to the fact that you wouldn’t know what to get.

What’s worse is that how some creators advertise this game, and the worst is that some mods HOST this game, I wouldn’t name a specific mod and creator, but the fact that they are advertising something that specializes in bending the game rules is just wrong.

Let’s help everyone by preventing them to play this illegal, and if not, addicting game of Micro.

I agree. Micros should NOT be allowed.
It is totally luck based. And to the people saying “oh? You have complete control over the game so it is not luck based”, you do have control over the buttons but not the outcome. By the buttons, you can attack or heal, each doing 1 - 3 points of damage and 1 - 3 points of health restored respectively. And that is the luck part, if you’re lucky, you can take down the enemy in 2 turns while some fights may take over 5 turns.

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I agree. Even though it’s just partly luck-based nothing can bend the rules of the game.

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We lost another one

Ducklope has always been doing micros. He even has a video on his channel just showing off him winning in micro battles.