Microsoft Store always running at <2 fps

As of this latest update, trying to use the MS store version will cause to game to enter a very odd state where the fps is really low. The steam version however is fine. Could share a video in a bit if needed.

Oddly, seems to only happen sometimes now. Still really annoying if it does, here’s a video of such:

The Microsoft based PW is bugged. Play PW in steam.

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Dual monitors with steam isn’t great, and just not using a version isn’t a good solution either

Imagine trying to complete a jetrace while playing the game like this… :woozy_face:

Whoa, so slow lol. I can’t believe they have done this to Microsoft version xd, just come on, developers care about Microsoft version.

The Microsoft Store version seems to have significantly more issues when compared to any other version of the game.

The situation seemed to get better with time in one of the attempts. Very strange. We have received similar reports for the Steam version, too. I guess there isn’t a lot you can do differently in this version that could cause this. Maybe a different account?

Has anyone heard of anyone having this issue on iOS or OSX? So far it seems to be an issue for all the other platforms for some players.

The first like 10 times were all started like this after the update, now it happens very rarely. It’s really confusing