Microsoft store emoji bug

When using the Microsoft Store version, interacting with any emoji (or using the Windows key + period shortcut) will crash the game in any text area (chat, signs, etc). Small but it is a bit annoying.

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same me too (20 characters)…

Does this mean that when an emoji has been added on mobile (signs etc.) you can’t edit the text on Windows?

Correct, happened to me a while ago when I couldn’t remove an emoji from a sign that a friend placed there, had to switch to the Steam version to remove it.

Could you please confirm if this is happening in the current version? The emoji parser had a clear bug that appeared at least when editing flags in signs, but it should be fixed now.

Still happens, the game crashes if I put emojis anywhere.

Ok, that sounds like a different thing. I was referring to this:

How exactly do you add emojis on the MS store build?

Using windows key + period button

I wasn’t even aware of such a thing, thanks for the info. The investigation continues… What’s weird about this is the fact that it works on Steam. The code should be the same for MS Store for this part.

Yeah, it works just fine on Steam, which makes absolutely no sense. Maybe it’s just an issue with MS store apps since they seem to be much different than normal?

Yeah those apps are… strange. Anyway, I managed to crash the game instantly by using that emoji hotkey. Same thing happened when pasting an emoji, so it’s probably not about the hotkey menu.

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