Microsoft version hate?

Why does everyone blame the Microsoft version of pw for all the bugs lol? I have played on windows for 3+ years and only experienced bugs like the trade bug that are bugs everywhere :confused:

Steam or Microsoft Store version?

Microsoft version idk why I said windows TWT

I also use steam and have no gameplay difference

i use it and disconnect very often to the point it gets extremely annoying, there are a ton of controls and visual bugs when in worlds and the main menu interface is covered by visual bugs

Not only does it crash when you paste emojis, the UI flat out breaks on windowed mode lol (Idk what kind of tryhard plays PW on fullscreen)

yea, thatโ€™s also true

I do lmfao. Fullscreen + windowed steam :slight_smile:

But to make the UI better in windowed just close and reopen