Midday annoyances

In my timezone at any rate.

So in around ~ 2hrs time judging by the last 4 days the ‘FREEBC+random number’ accounts/bots will start appearing in worlds.

These are Soooooooo annoying I’ve reported them numerous times …

They are normally only brief visitors, always giving an instant friend request (how do they do that so quickly?)

Yesterday one appeared in a spawn I had been afk on and it was actually hitting me.

I started battling with it and have never seen anything like it , it basically changed clothes/sets so many times and at a pace I found unbelievable .

Can someone make these go away

Massive spamming boards as well about a discord and insta acct…

@RetNos I only tag for your attn, basically are the Devs aware of these multiple bots/accts.

I suspect with the effort gone into to setting these up they must be trying to scam real money out of players, why else do it?

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I mentioned that in my post but yeah, the “freebc69” is a huge problem, i also don’t know what will happen if you will accept the request

I get it no worries, I’ll share this to developers and they’ll do everything they can to solve this bot acc issue.

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Also @RetNos can you share our suggestions to the game to them.

Like even the game suggestion posts from 2021

Thanks, retnos, you are the almost only one who working here

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