MIght be quitting


This is probably my 8th time quitting, had a fun time in PW and on their forums, met alot of great people and I’m certainly glad for that, but I realized again, this game is just for fun, and that’s kinda hard to find right now, afterall I already have beaten my highscore of wls amount (Thanks to Kaluub)

Will I ever go back?

Maybe, and I would probably stay in the forums to see stuff and updates about the game’s current situation, but probably not so much (maybe) since I have school work


I’m definitely not gonna giveaway stuff so… shoo if you’re here for the wls :)>

If you’re Fising please don’t reply with nonsense


Just wait a few weeks for the card/summer update, if you don’t like them then quit.

everyone has their to time to say goodbye to things we loved, do what is best for you.

i also sometimes feel i would just go and leave these things…

gonna miss you bro


Summer is boring since the only event you get is vandalizing someone’s icecream cart and taking victory upon their demise and suddenly some fat guy comes in and wants to trade those for some super weapon like poseidon’s trident

You don’t have to miss me since I will stay in the forums, but yeah


Do you bro, just do you, hopefully, you got a good time, I rarely play the game as well.

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Yeah pw is pretty boring rn we really need the card update to be good :pleading_face:

Taking breaks is healthy even if they are very long I’m assuming since this is your 8 th time you won’t be gone forever

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I understand your point, Celics, I’ve also taken some time from the game before.
Whatever you do, I wish you the best of luck, and hope to see you around here sometimes.


people who say they quit never quit


Goodbye weird bird, you will always be a gamer god in my eyes :sunglasses:


facts, and this is coming from a guy who gaveaway all his items just to come back 14 months later to this game

It’s perfectly alright to take a break from things once in a while. It’s nice that you may be able to keep visiting the forums, you are a great member of the community here.
So yeah I’ll just hope that I can see you on the forums from time to time, bye!

Come back if an update or any events occurs, you can focus on another game or in real life for now and just come back if you want too.

Understandable honestly. I hope you’ll come back to enjoy the card update a bit. I wish you all the best in life and all your future endeavors, I know you’ll do great things! I will miss you Celics!

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see you next week


Uuwisuduasjuu ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ


Truer words have never been spoken by the almighty one

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i’ll miss ya bub. See you around.

Fising 2.0

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You are not a clown, you are the whole circus.

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Partially true, I will quit after some time (or maybe after finishing 20 red scrolls)

Yeah, taking a break from the game sounds nice