Mining became kinda boring for me

I just want to do other things when I play the game other than mining but idk what to do :frowning:

Mining so much better than fishing, if you got bored just visit random world and talk people.


got bored aswell, joined fishing, got bored aswell, going to go nether and kill some monsters

mining is boring because you cant talk to no one, only breaking these frickin soils in mines alone…

in fishing you can chat with people, find friends


Fishing in NEO is lonely :frowning:

That is subjective.
It is all based on your preference.

Mining indeed gives you profit quicker BUT:
•Requires more focus
•Literally Grinding

Fishing is good since you don’t need to focus much and can do other stuff while fishing BUT:
•Slower profit
•Not multi taskable for everyone
•Can get boring if you focus on it solely

You don’t really have to grind all the time y’know.
Yes you profit in the game, but that’s not the only progress or thing you can do.
You might be making alot of wls, but are you actually enjoying them?
So it’s better to just do what you want from time to time and enjoy the other aspects of the game.

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Yup I got bored of mining like 3 or 4 months ago it’s profit but it’s not fun you play games to have fun

Tbh people who still mine I just feel like all they want to do is grind all day🤔

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I mean grinding mines is ok as you do still need wls to buy the stuff you want

Personally, I prefer mining
Fishing felt too boring for me and people would try to talk to me

Mining keeps me engaged, but if I die my phone usually gets physically abused. But besides that I love it

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Casual buying, trading ,investing ,hoarding is a much better way.

idk man, I mine to bet on lvl 5 mines