Mining Gear Help?

Yo, can someone tell me/suggest me some good mining gear I should buy? I have a heavy pickaxe, almost master, but still don’t have any gear because idk what I’m doing. I got wls to spend, don’t need the best, don’t want the bare minimum either though.

Thanks lots of love xoxo

welp, at least i tried asking.

Well I think the best is excav moustache and mining helmet u can buy both for about 45 wls and they give more gemstones try buy those

Everything that has “More huge gemstones” is the best gear.

To be honest, I only use shoes for enemy detection, pendant for more light, and gloves right now.
Other than those basics, anything that gets you bigger or more gemstones might be pretty neat to have if you can fit it on you.

Ok so I’m just gonna buy more gem/more huge ones. Can someone help a brother and tell me prices for the ones that do that?

Thanks for help

As I said they’re both 45 wls for helmet and moustache dwell shoes are 6 I think