Mining help ples

i have many questions because i want to get my second PL. it tooked 3 months for a pl and i wanna try to get a pl for just a month by mining since many players are using it for profit nowadays. heres my questions:

  • what kind of armor will i use?

  • should i buy gears?

  • should i upgrade my pickaxe to epic [ my pickaxe is heavy ] ?

  • is it profitable to do mining?

  • is it worth mining?

my wls : 102
gems: 20k
bc: 1.2k
[just incase, thanks if you responded]

You might not have room for armor with the gear you use.

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i can drop my items to my storage of course i can have room because yes

There are 2 type of how miners are making profit (and what is recommended):

  1. Nugget collecting: since you have heavy pickaxe, all you need to do is focus on your armor and do level 2… level 3 is also good but you have to pay attention on gold mine key price whether it is dropped or rise

  2. Nugget and Gemstone collecting: idk about this but in this way of profiting, you need a decent gear and pickaxe for more gem… then sell your gemstone gem at average rate of 2500/1 wl

  3. Luck Luck Luck: (i don’t recommend this if you’re not aiming for dark stones) use plat keys and slay enemies wishing for a pocket watch to drop… and regret soon for not having a luck

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ill keep that idea. lvl 3 mobs is getting harder than usual.

i am collecting since day 1

3 > ill try than soon

In my personal opinion, yes, mining is a good way to earn gems and to profit from it.

  • You can start by upgrading your pickaxe a little bit, that’s your main priority.
  • Then you can start buying or crafting some gears to boost your mining runs and profit.
  • Finally, you can either sell the gems or use them for yourself.

I’m also going to recommend you to mine until level 4, after that, it’s your decision either to try your luck to get pocket watches and do level 5 mines or sell the Platinium Keys to other players.

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Always use gears, yes. especially the ones that gives you “More Huge Gemstones”. :smiley:

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