Mining Lag v2

I just noticed when i go higher then the lag gets worse.

right now, i was mining through level 2. i did manage to get 7 nuggets and break blocks. but somehow at that point, im starting to lag/freeze when all of the suden all the mobs (green bomb guy, bat, red-shootingball guy) is attacking me without notice. i had full light but after freezing, i ran out immediately.

PC > Windows 10 (old-2016 brand) , GB Left > 320 GB , WIFI > 6 Mpbs, Time of the unconfirmed bug happened > 11:20am or 11:40am GMT+8 timezone.

Thanks in advanced. and saying lol to @Commanderder!

also, gonna ping this to @Dev. i am seriously urgent, i already losted a total of 2PLs of this. id never quit.

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I can confirm mining lag at level 5, it’s really bad there.
I got kicked from a level 5 mine without a disconnection notice.
I had 2 lag types in level 5 mines, internet lag and some other weird lag that I can’t describe it, it feels like delay lag. I think it’s delay lag, sometimes when I jump it jumps after 0.5 seconds and that’s annoying and harder to dodge enemies.
@1NB4 What version you use? Freezing occurs very often in Microsoft version because of window switching so do less window switching (going to another window while playing PW or putting it into the background). But if you use Steam version then I have no idea how do you freeze?

steam. i really dont know how. but it still makes me lag tho.

how can you even play the game with 6 mbps?

Idk if is accurate tho

use this more accurate

i dont even know if this is a fast wifi of mine lol

I don’t think what you’ve experienced is a bug, you just have a bad internet. 6 Mbps and 168 ping is pretty sluggish so you lagging out/freezing and losing all your wls is not the game’s fault, it’s your internet.

That’s the internet lag, well is it always like that or is it higher sometimes?
The download looks fine but I think that the Upload 0.04 Mbps is the reason for the internet lag.
So it’s like sending the information back like getting items, killing enemies and breaking blocks.

it was raining at that time so wifi always slows down.
still dont know if its a internet lag tho.