Mining timer

add a time measurement on mining
so we would know how long it takes us to finish
and also add avg time on stats to finish a mine

suggest at #site-feedback:game-suggestions

its cool, but i dont think its needed for now.

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Then there can be speedruns :smiley:

i know its pretty cool lol
then they give reward for the fastest person to finish
every week
lvl 1 - 5

Spawning of monsters and exits (but always at the bottom) and the world itself is random

doesn’t it say how long it took for you to die or finish the mine?

he meant to say is theres a timer inside mines, meaning. it will count 00:00:00 upper. it will give you infinte time, but with a timer to show your progress.

no it doesnt i never saw it
thats ok too i guess