Mining Tips to Profit #1

Today’s Tip goes to the mining feature.You can easy gain profit (world locks,gems etc) with mining!
If you start with mining you need:
-A Pickaxe
-Keys (most profitable are the lvl 4,5)
-Healing Potions made with (10 Nethersoul,10 Strawberry Blocks and 1 Snail)
->U can buy those aswell for 140 bytes currently
-I do not recommend you to mine on mobile devices because you might lag or loose because of the hard moving and using of the Tools.
Anyways you should start with a good pickaxe (Heavy,Master,Epic)
->which is the reason why i DON’T Recommend to start profiting with mining when you dont have alot of World locks.( better way is fishing)

I continue with How to mine soon…
-Snorlax :slight_smile:


Even with not that good pickaxe, mining is a great way to make profit. You won’t get that much gems but you can make profit by selling Mine Keys.


Oh, you’re right imma mention that in my next post :slight_smile:

As someone who doesn’t mine or anything, I don’t see this as tips its just common knowledge. If you are making tips or a guide make sure to go more in depth and detail and talk about things that people don’t know.

I was going to make a series out of this #1,#2,… and so on this will last long and i will give more and more stuff but i gotta start somewhere right?

I still haven’t touched mining nor the jetrace update. Are they the best ways to profit gems atm

This, 100%. I’d even argue that because you can make a large amount of profit simply from selling mine keys, it’s more profitable than fishing, even at an entry-level.

Yessir,the most gems you currently get from mining and compared to fishing its fast.Especially in the lvl 4,5 mines u get 8k per run in like 7min if you’re good.INSANE


Worth it to use good pickaxes in low levels?

If you supply others with Keys yes!

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I personally think starting to “profit” with mining is better than fishing for several reasons:

On the first day mining came out, of course just as everybody else I had the first pickaxe you can buy from the shop with gems (Crappy pickaxe, 2.000 gems from the NPC in PIXELMINES). Surprinsigly that pickaxe was enough for me to get started, without any other gears at all. Not only did I get my gems back from selling the gemstones I was getting, but I was making enough for the repair tool kit as well (ingredients + gems). Now of course, the more profit you want, the more you have to invest in gears. The main point is, you dont “need” them in order to get started and make tiny bits of profit.

Now my first day of fishing was another story… I couldn’t exactly catch the fish that was biting most of the time with a basic rod, just try to remember the pain xD If you want to start fishing for profit, you will need a good amount of wls which would be hard to get as a beginner. Of course you could try with only a basic rod, but you might just end up making a few hundred gems profit in ages.

Therefore I prefer mining when it comes to “starting from 0” and working your way up for profit.


Yes. But the plus side of fishing is that you don’t actually have to concentrate on the game that much, unlike in mining.

That is very true indeed. But my response was meant for a beginner who can’t afford a fishing set or someone who focuses only on profit. Fishing is my lazy method of doing things indeed xD but I already have the budget for it, that’s why.