Mining Tips to Profit #2

back here with the 2nd part of my series.
Today i tell you some ACTUAL tips to sucessfully clear the mines.
So before you start you should:
->Change resolution to some lower one so you are able to see more in the mines (Ricky Pro tip)

In the mines:
To clear you should use the left right strategy means:
1:You start with going to left or right side first,if you reach end of the side you go back and clear other side. Then you dig down like 10 Blocks and repeat all that.(Use caves to find ways and keep Durability)
2.When you reach bottom of the mines and for “some wonder” you dont have collected all Nuggets and Diamonds your Resolution will help you! Since all the places u been at are visible and the Places u weren’t at aren’t so you can just check those for the last nuggets and Ores!

More tips coming


Bro the resolution glitch is helpful af, tysm!


Thank you! Im new to mining, so this helped me alot.


So this is how you get every single gem and nugget.


i got flagged for talking to snorlax this is already going to hell @Skull
no one here can take a joke at all

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snorlax let me mine right now @Snorlax

i wanted the badge lol pro

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im taxing you 1% gems

This is interesting! I never thought about lowering the resolution, i’ll see if thats handy!
Also the left right strategy is a good one! I tend to do that already i think, but sometimes i explore the caves in the mine and just get totally lost xD

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Well, thanks for mentioning me @Snorlax!
Nice tips, keep it up! (:

Time to quit. :man_shrugging:

snorlax is the one that let me lend epic pick