World: MISJAKLEOPATRA (which means Mission Cleopatra)

Owner: Klaudusiowy (and Klauduuunia)

Description: It’s a parkour world based on the movie Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra. The world contains a palace with some references to the movie and dungeon with parkour. The story is as follows: You are the new servant in Cleopatra’s palace, and you are trying to get to your queen. All text in world is in both English and Polish. Both of us used to love this movie when we were younger, and we wanted to bring it to our favorite game as well. We hope you like it too! ༼ノ◕ヮ◕ ༽ノ


Cool world. Will I remember the name? No I won’t

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I’ll visit this worldey once I return from schooley.

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What’s with the futuristic props laying around the world, it’s cool if you just wanted to set the theme…

There is snow blocks below the world, were you ran out of sand blocks?? Change it.

The first dialogue needs a slight correction “your life as “servan” to queen”

Apart from this, it’s a nice world.

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(Character limit)

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Yea, the main theme of the world is kinda historic, but it’s also a little cartoonish and goofy just like the movie. We thought using some futuristic props and traps for parkour would be acceptable.

The white blocks are actually clear jelly blocks, and they are here as a part of the laser trap - if you are trying to finish it too fast, they will bounce you up to the laser beam.

I fixed the spelling mistake in dialogue.

Thanks for your help, glad you like it!

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Cool world! Congrats :trophy:

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Yoo did he get wotw?

no way, did he got it???


Jokes asides, congratz! @Klaudusiowy

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thats pretty poggers for him!
congrats buddy! i will enter this week too!

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Oh my god, thank you all, it really means a lot to us! Hope you have fun in parkour and good luck with your worlds!

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I was having fun with the parkour, but the world being Finnish and me being my proto-Hindi-English self did not understand a single word. Just saying, you can get somebody to help you translate the worlds and just add some extra signs, it’ll help me understand.