Missing Gems (NOT IAP)

I did some fishing tonight, and reached 106K gems. I spent 6K on Firework Boosters, but that’s about it. I did the fishing on Steam version. Then, I started the Ms. Store version, and I started building stuff on my world. Once I decided to take a break, I noticed that my gems are only 75K. I tried hard thinking about the possibilities of items I bought, but I don’t think I bought any. Could I have an admin check on this? Is this a rollback because it might be possible that before I traded my fish to the fishmonger, my gems were 75K. Thank you.

did you sell all fish on fish moger?
cause sometimes it appears late to show the gem counts once you sell it all.

it did happen to me also but i immediately reconnect .

I did sell all fish on fishmonger. The count was updated immediately. But I only noticed it got reverted when I was done with building stuff.