Missing girl & Woman set gears

Missing girl & Woman gears and sets to fix this actually here is some suggestions.

Viking should include Freija or similar.
“Taikuus ja mytologia” - Freija set.

Ancient should include Athena goddess of war or similar.

Alien should include Ripley or similar.

Ellen Ripley

Medival should include Joan of Arc or similar.

Joan of Arc

Gansta should include Arlyne Brickman or similar.

Arlyne Brickman

Samurai should include Onna-musha or similar.

Onna-musha (u can find some nice pictures by name Onna-Bugeisha)

Urban should include some real artist i have suggestion.
I haven’t asked her oppinion yet so i do not reveal name i found her from public yle page.

Scifi should include Leia Skywalker or Sarah Connor similar.

Princess Leia or Sarah Connor

Elven should include Galadriel or similar.


Chaos should include Tiamat or similar.


Pirate should include Anne Bonny or similar.

Anne Bonny

Well here is some part of list, some possible could be Copyrighted so its suggestion some i believe aren’t and are possible to add.


Nyt en oikein ymmärrä mitä tarkoitat. Tarkoittanet kai että tulisi lisätä naisten vaatteita eri teemoilla.
Olen samaa mieltä, naisten vaatteita ei löydy tarpeeksi.

Kind of good suggestion!

I like your idea. I would be awesome if there was more sets for girls.

I would personally like if there was more gears and wearables that really are useful (not only the looks, but that would be good in action too), I mean that those should have good armor to use in the Netherworld and in the Secret base and also gears that could be used for mining and fishing too.

I’ve actually had this thought for a while. Not sure what the demographics are for the game, but I do think it would be nice to have more variety. When have you ever seen a dress as a VIP prize?

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