Missing titanium flaw rod from inventory [BAG]

In the afternoon I quit the game. The fishing rod was in my inventory. When I went in again, she disappeared for some unknown reason. I restarted the game and worlds, the fishing rod did not appear. Administrators, please return the rod or trace the reason for the loss. I have been saving for it for a very long time. My nickname is SnapSlime. Rod - titanium flaw.

You will get a reply if you email at kukouris gmail

I would recommend you to e-mail the support, (support@kukouri.com) and try to deliver an explanation, what happened, when did it happened [try to put your hour and time zone], and how did it happened, and if the developers find that it was an error from the game, they will return your item.

If your playing at pc and used the microsoft-based app to steam-based pw app then it should return to your inventory, otherwise if it’s not the case. Report it to the email support of pw wish is listed above ^

I mean , probably you got hacked , because you used fish hack.
It’s impossible for an item to disappear , unless you dropped it somewhere , gave it to someone , or you put it on a mannequin or in a chest that u forgot.

Yeah true dude if you used a fishing hack that’s all on you for losing your rod

I didn’t use cheats or fish hack, didn’t put anything in chests or anything like that, it just disappeared, even though it’s hard to believe…I’m resigned.Sorry.

чт, 18 февр. 2021 г., 00:02 Orangehairguy via Pixel Worlds Forum <support@kukouri.com>:

It can be possible too rather than getting the rod, you can get banned by it too. we might not know.

Same Issue with my wls left in chest but the report was flop and i tell you its hopeless begging. I’ve tried it already. Trust me