Mobile Crash

Im playing pw , its such a cool and good game but it always crashes at mobile , i cant play!

Android , IOS it doesnt matter always crashes at mobile

And I have 7gb free so its not about my devices storage

i cant trade with people it kicks me from game

Please fix it :frowning:

Edit : My devices models here ;

Ipad Air
16 GB

Samsung Note 4s
32 GB

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What kind of crash is it? Does the game freeze or not responding and prompts a reporting screen?

it says pixel worlds is not responding and kicks ,
also it kicks from world and makes me join back that same world automatically

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How’s your internet connection? Make sure you have at least a decent connection.

Otherwise you can always try to restart your iPad and reinstall Pixel Worlds.

Maybe it’s connection issue.

Mine freezes in Every 5-10 minutes seriously annoyng._.

try removing all the background apps that is still running, it really helps me play pw faster.
or like what the fellow forumers said, your data/wifi since they can also make the game freeze then constantly disconnects.

if frezzes persists, reset your device.
give up some updates sooner! ~ i am not a IT

No no…m Based on my experience my other phone crash and my new phone doesn’t. Its because of RAM. My other phone has 4GB ram, A Strong Wifi Connection and 32GB memory. In comparison my new Phone has 8GB ram 5G Inter et and 256GB memory. I recommend you buying realme :v or gaming phones

and my sis phone has 2GB ram and her game is lagging/crashing.

I have a phone with 2GB ram and the game doesn’t crash but yeah it does lag but not a lot if at all. The jumps used to be delayed and like lagging but I think it’s getting better.

This Can be network related or related to the strengt of Your phone in case it is you should check it for any failures inside the phone maybe check the pixelworlds server if Theis up st pixelworldsgame or
Switch device