Mod abuse because of hacking do we move foward?

It’s simple Kukouris dev team matter.

  • if they want prevent ultra high profit for hackers or players simple to find.
  • if they see that player who have left game or died, left huge value behind again Kukouri’s matter to create rules for those.
  • Confisicated worlds from hackers and other how to split values evenly to players Dev team has to create rules for those too.

OK i been doing a lot of thinking about The_govenor and i am not the only one who noticed this, my wife did too.
A long while back The_GOV would global all these nice worlds he found decayed…all the time
Its awful sus now that i look back he found a lot of decayed nice worlds. SO…
Here’s what i honestly believe , he is the original hacker and all of a sudden he was getting beat by other hackers, This upset The_GOV so he posted all the decay times so he could try to beat the other hackers by letting everyone be there.
He was being out-hacked and tried to ruin it for them simply put
Why else would a hacker post worlds …like my wife said no hacker is going to leek it they want it for themselves, only explanation is he was being out-hacked