Mod abuse

explain yourself

i havent said anything sexual
seems like mod abuse?
this is what i did 2hs ago i got scammed 675k in pixel worlds - YouTube
and nothing else


Maybe the conversation going on around you had sexual antics from other members, and you were talking to them, you might’ve not been the one to say the sexual thing but you could’ve been allowing it to happen.

Also, there’s like a 20% chance a mod will ever explain to you why you were muted, banned, kicked or anything.

Carrii on man, enjoi the game, stay clear of certain conversations.

dude i havent said anything sexual, the only thing i have closly done is called some of my friends “baby girl” as sarcasm. if this warn came from a year old conversation, then that isn’t right

You can probably tell that most threads like these never received an answer by moderators/developers. Try an email to support or contacting a developer on Discord or any other platform if they are active there. Nothing much else you can do, sadly.

so i can just be punished for no reason? with no proof
isn’t that admin abuse. i was selling items, did a global message, suddenly got a warning for “Sexual Harrasment”?

There is a reason, sexual harassment. Moderators don’t ban without proof, meaning they can’t ban people out of thin air. You can try the options above if you think this ban was unjustified.

dude i have contacted support so many times, no reply they dont give no sh bro
(not today past things)

Direct messaging Lokalpsi or getting a moderator to help you with this situation? Sorry my man, not sure what any of us can offer besides this.

dude they wont do anything, i only care cause these are permenantly on account record
got 2 warns, 1 ban

“dude they won’t respond” = you won’t try
how are you gonna get anything done without trying?

If i never sent support mail once per month for more than 3 years, i wouldn’t have been able to even play on my account.
If i didn’t dm a mod on discord about my phone being destroyed, i would’ve not had my main discord account back in the pw discord server.
If i never spoke to siskea, Jake, and Lokalapsi via discord alongside moderators, i would’ve not had access to my worlds due to bugs.

Stop complaining, go message a mod on discord and explain the situation, in detail, and request for what you’re wanting from the interaction, and then lastlii, be patient, and refrain from complaining on forums about them never doing anything.

[not gonna lie, it does take time for them to respond or handle situations, but it’s a small team so, what the heck man, give em a chance]

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so you are saying that moderators cannot press button BAN for false reason? its impossible to press it?

Well yes, but actually no…

Yes they can. No one is really monitoring mods nowadays.



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In the context of what moderators are supposed to do, they are not allowed to ban people without proof out of nowhere. I did not say they can’t do so if they choose to do this, but it would have repercussions for those actions (demoted, banned, etc.) I agree that monitoring them is possibly low or none considering how the entire team working on PW has shrunken.

My dear friend, watch your launguage before you get banned :sob:
Seriously i like you don’t get yourself banned.

Just be a normal player

Just a reminder that people who have experienced any form of power abuse from moderators in pixel worlds game are not allowed to discuss about it with anyone on pixel worlds game discord server or pixel worlds game forums , because you have not seen people talking about moderators banning them unfairly does not mean that it does not happen

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“gets blocked for spamming”
(this is a joke but it could seriously most likely happen)


100% facts, mods will even ban you if you will talk about mod’s wrong actions in chat and they will say that you was too rude while talking or something stupid
nobody would enjoy getting punished for no reason or wrong reason

lol btw i said that somebody had stupid answer on my question and because of that i have been muted for 24 hours and then when i was having conversation with mod , she banned me lol for no reason
also in chat when i said stupid i saw somebody saying i hate black people lol and he did not get muted