Is anyone selling these?
I’d like to get 1 of each type of fragments.
All monolith parts.
And that little block puzzle thing. IDK name of.

the puzzle thing is the cryptic mechanical box, you can get it from the gemstones in lvl 5 I think

I got the box and some parts to monolith now

oh alright, just look out for the ones you dont have ig

Try ask @Antonis73, he will sell his fragments to you for sure :wink: (maybe…)

anyways i got some but i do not want to sell them… maybe try do a gm, the fragments don’t have an use (Jake confirmed they do but we [lore hunters] didn’t found the use of them…) sooo maybe some people will sell it to you because they can’t find the use of them…

… I have said it many times , all my fragments will remain pure , I wil not give to anyone or take any by anyone!