More color paintball gun SUGGESTION

why don’t make more guns like green paintball gun?

  • orange paintball gun (obtainable from THEBLACKTOWER 2021)

  • blue paintball gun (obtainable from x mas booster 2021 limited)

  • anniversary paintball gun (color yellow obtainable from cake 5yo)

everything 3 range
they dont wanna add paintball war minigame

  1. that would be a big waste of a ledgendary prize or are u saying it should be ur besides it should be halloween themed prizes

  2. hmm fine i guess

  3. anniversary cake prizes are props not items

Majority of people don’t want reskins

Honestly, I think the green paintball gun was a slight waste of potential anyway. We already had a legendary item that turned people green before it was introduced, being the green paintbrush. Personally, I believe that the paintball gun would’ve been better if included in a different update, maybe as a VIP prize or something, with a different colour instead of green.

I mean, the anniversary sword came from the 2nd anniversary, but even so I wouldn’t want another paintball gun myself either

forgot about that but i think they will keep adding new props from anniversaries from now on