More potions update(chemistry update)(or Walter white update i think)

So uh. We do not have a lot of positions actually, so, why dont we add some more? Like
Armor potion - adds 10 armour for 3/5 minutes
Luck potion - boosts chances for rift portal spawn, butterfly spawn, blocks drops, nether drops and ingredients for fishing (2/3 minutes)
If luck position seems op we can separate effects
Drop potion - boost drops from blocks
Butterfly potion - boost butterfly spawn chance fishing ingredient potion - boost ingredient chances
(All 3/4 minutes)
Potion of life - gives extra life in nether/secret base

Potions have a lot of potential but for some reason administrators do not use it

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Again the devs won’t be able to pull this off.There is only 1 coder rn.Hopefully (Only like 5 percent tho) They will get new coders and admins

I have a lot of ideas, no coders are a big problem

Well there is one. . .(bbricks)

One is not enough. If it was enough, u and others will not comment that dev team cant do in rn coz of inside problems

Maybe some other company with a lot of developers will buy pixelworlds???

Hopefully in the close future

Still don’t give up on ur ideas! They r great

Thank you, i thought my ideas are mid