More suggestion 2 jetpacks

about the drop suggestion was a bad suggestion so i made another one :smiley:
so i just want like adding new jp in game

clover jetpack: rarity: ultra rare can be get from blueprint in st.patrick day
clover jp blueprint: 425k gems 10x earth shards 3x doom shards 1x circuit shard

love jetpack: rarity: ultra rare can be get from valentine blueprint item
love jp blueprint: 500k gems 20x pink shards 2x spirit shard 1x heart shard

the jetpacks have effect when flying with it
the clover jetpack have green dust and some clovers
and love jetpack have pink dust with some heart

i want new jetpacks because bored with old jp


If jumping, mabye both of them may got effects?
(Using Clover JetPack while Jumping will show-off clover sparkles instead of smoke releasing into it, also applies to valentine jetpack which release heart sparkles into it)

I’m Supporting it.

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nice should be a good suggestion
btw is it too rare or something about the shard?
because i add doom shards at clover jetpack

Doom shards is a Ultra Rare consumable item + paid gems and ingredients = the jet pack is legendary,

but all blueprints item are ultra rare there is no legendary blueprint

I’ll make this clear, The Doom Shards is a Ultra Rare item, The blueprint is also a UR item. and also includes the recipe and the Gems used to craft the jetpack. Making the Jetpack a Legendary ones.

maybe soooooo
2 of this item was the first and second legendary blueprint item???

umm you mean you need gems after complete all recipe? so more gems when you want to craft this item?

Haiya, there will be no such thing as legendary blueprint unless if your making your jetpack to Legendary+.

3 recipes and the gems offered to craft the item, not that.

wdym you make me more confusing

Ultra rare item + Ultra rare item = Legendary

ok then i will change it to legendary rarity

doom shards are rare not ultra rare

PW Fandom told me it’s a ultra rare item but nvm, I’m not forcing you to change it’s rarity, I’m just trying to explain off.

We dont want this to happen:
Legendary Dirt + Legendary World Lock = (Common) Dirt Lock

btw is this good idea all?