Most visited worlds

Soo does anyone know what the most visited world in PW is? (except dynamic worlds like PIXELSTATION,PIXELMINES,HANGAR, etc.)


Most likely Suomi, Turk, Trade and Buy


Well I would say trader instead of trade because well trade is filled with players who hang around there for very long whereas ii would guess more people visit trader than trade

i remember when like month ago guy called Sykeez who has full rights in trade broke the rating board, and put new, all old ratings were gone…

Also from fishing worlds problably KALASTA i think it’s a Finnish fishing world

For years ever since TRADE was built, you’ve chosen to say that people visit TRADER more than TRADE.

I’m pretty sure its an accident.

it wasnt, Sykeez knew what he was doing, he made a joke that went just too far…

I know one, and its BOTH :slight_smile:

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he missed clicked and he still has rights i think Sorsa and him talked about it. But he was messing around and accidentally broke the rating board.

i didnt know that sorsa still plays pw … thought he quitted.

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no he still comes time to time

well it depends what people visit the worlds for, like an example world “trade” is for trading and world “Suomi” or “Turk” is for hangout and chatting but I’d say most visit world in general would be trade or buy because worlds like Suomi or Turk are only active on their morning times but trade and buy are active 24/7

Sorsa is CK’s daughter/son, rumors says. Why not? Sorsa owns some rare worlds aswell. SyKeez is a very old player in the community that’s why he has full rights at TRADE.

i knew she’s commander’s daughter but that she actually plays pixelworlds… i didnt know.

If she’s his daughter, why is she a “he”? :exploding_head:


Maybe not forever but in recent times trader has nearly had 35 plus players every time but what I’m thinking about is…

Most people in trade are pro traders who stay there for even hours at a time i bet you if you went to trade and trader stayed in both for 5 minutes and counted how many people entered trader would have more

I’m actually gonna do that I’ll tell you the results.