Mount hacks or glitch

In the world waitclovers, I’m assuming there’s a hacker who tries to disconnect everyone by turning on mount then turning them off. If you move you will disconnect. @HeyRicky said there’s no mount bot in the world. so i’m assuming this is some hack. this is happening when owner is not in the world.

Indeed, there wasn’t a Mount Rule Bot, at least visible for the public. Also, it was really weird because after moving with the jets without the rule bot, everyone would disconnect.

Anyways, I have already sent an e-mail to the support reporting this.

Here's a picture of players leaving the world all at once

I’m sorry because I had the translations to spanish, lol.
But it basically says: “Player* salió del mundo.” --> “Player* has left the world.”


Thats not a hacks lol :rofl::rofl::rofl: thats a bug

It must have been so nice to finally get it translated to your language

Was it a bug? I thought that at the begging, but then I saw a small group of “New Players” with no more than 3 days old, which didn’t seem to be affected by it.
Even more, they were able to stand still in ground even when the Huge Metal Fan was active, without pushing then to the Vortex Portal.

My alt, has a low level, and i have to move him to go in the vortex portal. The fan won’t push you into the portal you have to move a little.

Ok… that’s something odd. Why is that? For me and almost all the players is automatized, the fans make you to go through the Vortex Portal without even moving.

Some guys are using alt accounts now so it must be an alt account