Mount rule bot is Can it return to the inventory when broken?

İ need info for that

Just buy a recall magnet for 1000 gems

I don’t think so, none of the other bots return once broke. If it doesn’t especify in the info, then it’s not.
In that case, you’ll have to use a Recall Magnet.

Kinda crazy that 125k gems costing block doesn’t return to your inventory. It shouldn’t be like that.

Yes it should return, maybe its return but not have any info. I dont risk and i will use recall magnet

It doesn’t return to inventory.

Okey thanks for your info good night.

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Gravity Modifier and PWE doesn’t return either.
Honestly i think it’s good, because you have to be careful, where you place it,… just like Orbs/Globes/Darkness.

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Easy Way to check if an Item will return to your inventory when broken:
Select a Recall Magnet, all the Blocks that will not return to your inventory will have the Magnet Symbol on top of them.

Or just break it :+1:

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