Moving on from the Pixel Worlds Community - Thanks for everything!

Hey there, Ricky here!

I know I have been missing for a long time, and it’s because I have made the decision to quit the game, but I haven’t left the Pixel Worlds Community just yet, at least until now. Because I made a promise to the community, and it was accomplished already.

So, since I have accomplished my duty as a Veteran Pixel Worlds Member of the community, there’s nothing left for me to offer, so it’s my time to leave and move on.

Previously, I have told why I quitted playing the game, and I’m going to mention them again:

  • I just don’t find any fun in playing the game anymore like I used to in the early days.
  • Since the original developers left the Kukouri Team, the game doesn’t feel the same.
  • I had a lot of complains about the game back then, in terms of Bug Fixes, Updates, Moderation etc. that are getting addressed right now with the new Developer Team.
    (I don’t have anything against them, I just say that those should have been addressed way earlier).

Other of my personal reasons why I’m leaving are:

  • To focus on my real life, such as my university studies, my family, my job, my friends, my girlfriend, between others.

There are so many things I would like to say, but I just can’t express them all in just one message. So I would like to thank everyone in this community for being part of this journey. I’m really thanked with all my friends that I have met here, and with the people that I was able to interact with. You all should know that I appreciate everyone of you.

If you was able to get to know me, to meet me or to talk to me via chat or voice, I’m really glad and thankful to have interacted at least a little with you. :smile:

My Discord DMs will be always opened, so feel free to message me anytime!
And with this, my final message. I wish everyone the best, and good luck on everything.
Keep the Pixel Worlds Community great! :wave:t3:


We love you ricky, take care

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Nooooo Rickyyyy… Sad to see you go… Now i guess you should rename yourself from “HeyRicky” to “ByeRicky” nah but seriously… it’s really sad to see you go… hope you’ll go well in the future… don’t forget to join PW from time to time to check up what we (forumers) are doing :slight_smile:


Take care, amigo!

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Adios man, hope you the best in the future

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Take care! You’re always a great one :smile:

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Bye Ricky!

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Good luck irl Ricky!

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Take care! Good luck in the future

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Goodbye Ricky! Take care!

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Take care Ricky

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Take care Ricky! It was nice talking with you sometimes on PWG Discord.

All right then, i’ll be alone again :pensive:

Adios senior Ricky, wish you best in your future journeys.

Who tf is HeyRicky? Is ByeRicky but jokes aside thanks for being one of my closest friends :heartpulse: YOU BETTER NOT LOSE WAFFAJR PENGUIN THOUGH >:( Anyway all the best to your studies and life yadada and see you on Discord noob


Top 10 saddest moments in PW frfr :frowning:
I wish you all the best in life. Good luck with studies and all, although I know you’ll do great! The community’s gonna miss you.


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Good luck with your future endeavors.

Sorry to hear man, goodluck irl

Rick and morty​:grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation: