Mr Beast plays PW


A random guy came up to me and said donate me 1000 bytes,

I said no

He then said if I donated 1000 bytes he would of given me 1 million bytes.

So yeah guys, if anyone ever asks for donation, just donate them because they are most likely Mr Beast and will give you back more.

I mean it could be possible, since illegal traders
(Like ekip)
Don’t even get banned for illegal trading and mods claim that illegal traders like ekip= fix economy and cause deflation(driding at it’s finest), which means that anyone can now officially illegal trade :partying_face:, that’s why it’s possible to get 1m donation by some random ‘’ mrbeast’’.

Drag ekip into every single situation possible.
Oh you breath? Ekip breathes too and he’s a very totally real illegal trader. By calculating the value of pi by the method of fard, we can approximately accurately define you as an illegal trader.

Mrbeast Ytpmv GIF - Mrbeast Ytpmv Rap Battle GIFs

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You’re one of the unfunniest comedians, I’ve ever seen in my life , you try to be smart by adding some funny ‘‘smart’’ stuff, just trying to look smart… :yawning_face:


Wow im suuu smorrt and rilateable!!1!!1!

Bro didn’t get the sarcasm

I am the sarcasm.

Nah you’re a great comedian, you should honestly consider your comedian career, would be cool!

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Now I see the sarcasm. Thanks for being clear!

How curious of you :face_with_monocle: