Much poor ._

Yes they are much poor


bruh so poor smh

The one in the right… Might have expensive wings but he is wearing a robber mask. He is an evil person who robs and scams other. That shows how poor his heart is

the one on the left…he is a big man but poor guy couldnt enjoy his kid times and now he become a clown to help other kids have fun


No, he steals peoples hearts, hence the lovely pink and robber mask.

I wonder where he sells them :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He sells them at your local Walmart.


Vote this :pray:

Yeah that’s what a true poor person looks like

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Man that clown from the movie has grown up a lot ey

When Pennywise learns engineering

That’s how a peasant looks like

Looks good and fits the theme, nice.

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FINALLY a set that is not made out of pro items and sticks to the theme at the same time!

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