Mug mask

from when mug mask is in the game, i never seen it a single time and now all of the sudden for the past 3 days i see like 5 people with this mask per day, and im not even that active, i could see way more. is that some kind of prise or people just start wearing it cuz it was too expensive and now its somewhat low price like dark sprite mask was…?

the mask is pretty cool with its effects so why nobody were wearing it even if it was expensive…

It’s most likely that someone just duped the mask. Same thing with dark sprite mask, people duped it so it lost its price and now literally every kid wears it.

alr now its maintaince… Are they gonna remove… duped mug masks or its summer update… or just a fix of stuff

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I was wondering same and really want to see the dupes gone.

Rn there are more Excalibur’s in the game than Caliburs. It’s ridiculous

Plus the mug mask is a dupe . They are everywhere. A player just told me he got one for 298k. It is cool a said above . But there are multiple sales listings in PWE in the 10’s

I doubt there were more than a few ever originally released

Wasn’t it one of these that was pinched off neoslayer or seaf?

Anyway I will buy one for 300 or so… Assuming they don’t get removed

there was only one and it is very unlikely had gotten hold of it to dupe it, so they make items out of nowhere as it seems


That could not be made out of ‘no where’ it’s too complex . An exact match, no chance

There were deffo at least 2. I’m fairly sure I’ve read somewhere, probably discord, one (or it) got pinched from a hacked acct. I just can’t recall who…

Btw your messaging is turned off I saw something of yours today and tried to give you a heads up :wink:

nope, only one ever existed exclusively for the player the item represents

maybe too complex for your point of view

Haha , but seriously on this it could not be guessed the graphics involved are way to detailed to do that . Of that i am certain …

They didnt draw the item. That would be impossible.

I heard something about them creating the item with the item’s ID or something.

Despite being told it is now patched several on Discord, y’day said it’s not patched …

My advice if you want to get something and you have seen it in the 100s for sale on PWE. Either wait for the price to drop or put up a low offer…

I’ve now got 3 different sets of wings with low offers.