Multiple account on fishing tournament

I’d like to know if its illegal to create multiple accounts for fishing tournaments? Cuz, lets be honest, that shoudnt be legal, but mods seems not to care about that.

It’s legal for now. However, this topic has already been discussed on recent CTALKs

It is legal and the decision to do something about as making it illegal is on the admins.

Was this specific to fishing or in general?

Quite frankly I’m not convinced it’s a good idea admins make this decision…

There are some very good ones , Retnos springs to mind straight away, but should volunteers really make the rules? … there have been plenty who have come and gone .

Should be a Devs decision.

Also changing rules which effect players retrospectively isn’t right …

In short if it’s been allowed why change it?

Take fishing as an example however many accounts you have you still need to perform they won’t do it themselves !

Also I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have other accounts . I wouldn’t call any of them cheats or sc*mmers