Mustache giveaway!

How’s everyone doing? It’s been such a long a time.
While the forums were down, a friend and I managed a small but growing reddit community, I expect it to grow to 1000 members at the end of the year, odds are you’re already there ^^

Anyhow, to celebrate the new forums, I’ve put a bunch of mustaches in a prize box near the entrance in my world GEORGES, don’t take more than one please.


I wasn’t even aware of a reddit community, that’s neat.
Also this is the best giveaway ever what the heck

Got mine, thanks :slight_smile:

Sicckk, mustaches go well with everything really

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ill go take one real quick
edit: I’ll treasure this for the rest of my pw life

You’re a good person.

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There’s still a bunch of them in the prize box for anyone that’s interested in some moustachio.

Got one! I will never shave it

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cheers bro! awesome giveaway , one of my signature item as well

all hail the moustache lord

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glad to hear that the cult of the mustache is shared by others

I’m a gentleman now

got mine, thanks :smiley:

@iMod Friendly reminder to activate ur windows.


I will definitely treasure this. Thank you :>

you guys are awesome

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