My acc got bugged

it happens after i went offline on pixel world my fishing set went missing i dont know if it bug or what you can check my live on twitch. I have proof of the bug
you can clearly see it on top left
time 1:20:20 on my twitch vegasnoobs

You can clearly see my set on top left of this clip when i do twitch live last night

pls moderator fix this i dont know what happend to my fishing set

my acc name is :VegasNoob

I’ll highly recommend you to email support ( and explain you lost items.
Make sure in your email there is the following:

  • In which world in happened
  • The time when it was with your UTC time or the time with your country (ex: 6pm24 usa time)
  • Your in-game name

Any more questions, feel free to reply. However as a Moderator, i cannot return your items, keep that in mind.

I ALREADY contacted it tho. and it still the same on my pixel world acc they dont give me reply or any item back i lost nearly 140k btc for that set
all the set was TOGA,Carbon FLAW,pen leg, worm necklace, pro fishing hat, beard and and whistle and i also tell my id and world

Support can take few days/weeks to answer unfortunately. If you don’t get an answer, i’ll suggest you to write an other email to support.

Probally a rollback that happened

@amma5144 I’m not a support agent and I’m not mod/admin, but i can donate you some items worth nearly 100kbc, tell your world name (where you got donation box).

iSadly i am almost quiting but i will try my best. To Start again the grind cause it so much fun playing this game tbh. if u want to donate i got 1 world that i use that is VEGASNOOBHOME

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