My cat is about to die

Hey… i wanted to make a small topic about my cat because her situation isn’t going well and degrading everyday…

She is really sick and must crawl to move because she have problems with her back paws and her pur is really bad…

My parents going to bring her tomorrow to the veterinary to end her suffer because medications don’t do anything and we can’t do anything else.

Here is some picture of her before she dies…

Rest in peace Pitchoune 2009-2021

I also posted about her in my Instagram story


I cannot do anything online, but I will pray for the cat to live. Thank you for sharing it here RetNos, I hope your cat will be okay.

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Unfortunately, we can’t do anything.

My parents said to me that they will bring her to to veterinary tomorrow at 9am to end her suffer, what i mean is that today his her last day alive…

My parents told me that this midday and i only had energy to post about it now…

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Sad for your loss…

But that’s how life works i guess.


Can say only:

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I’m sorry for your loss… I also lose my lovely dog month ago since he had an bad allergies.
Anyways i don’t think these posts belong to pixel worlds forums, even to the non pw related category

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I’m sure Pitchoune had a great time being with you , My condolences :pleading_face:


I hope you’re fine and peaceful rest to your cat retnos


This has happened to me before, but I didn’t chose nor did my family. It was on thanksgiving, and my cats love to go outside. I lived near a highway. Before we went to bed my other 2 cats, Milo and Sadey ended up coming back inside. But my other cat, Salem, stayed outside as he loved the outdoors. He would almost always chose to stay outdoors, unless it was cold. Anyways, the next morning (Black Friday) we decided to switch from Apple to Samsung. We left our house, and then the next thing my parents saw was a black furball lying in the middle of the road. My parents said “No, It cant be, is that…” They ended up getting closer. Until they stopped. They saw the sight. I heard my dad whisper “There goes one cat…” My brother started crying. My heart dropped. And what I saw there, was my dead cat, Salem. Blood everywhere. Everyone crying. That ended up starting my long going depression, which I still have. This happened 4-5 years ago.

So what I meant to say is, RetNos, you are not alone. I’ll be praying for him.


I understand this, animals can’t live long. I pray that the cat will be up in cat heaven and hope it did have a good life before it ended. But damn, what a cute cat. Anyways, yeah, just think that she is in cat heaven where she is with other cats, playing with balls of yarn :slight_smile:


Rest in peace Pitchoune, and sorry for your loss, RetNos. I’m sure she loved her time as a part of your family.


Sorry for your loss :frowning_face:


Oh jez… that’s horrible… like you just wake up one morning and when you go outside, you see your cat crushed (surely by a car) and the blood everywhere is like… disgusting…

The fact that makes me really sad about my cat is that she can’t really move because her backs paws are in a really bad state and all her sickness happened suddenly, like 1 month ago she was fine and all of sudden, she wasn’t jumping and started to eat less… and now we must give her pâté or else she won’t eat croquettes because her jaw is really weak…

Like it’s not because she went outside and because it’s was too cold or something, she became sick or something… I live in a appartement with my parents and my parents doesn’t allow anyone to go to the balcony…

She was like 12 years old soo i’m pretty sure it’s because of her old age.
But that really sad how her state was degrading everyday and we couldn’t do anything…

She used to be my childhood companion and i literally spent my whole live as a child until i become an adult with her soo yea… it’s really impact me

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Cats are said to have nine lives. Maybe your cat is in cat heaven.

This is why euthanasia for humans needs to be legalized too. Suffering is not the way to die.


There is still hope , dont end the cat yet you should diagnosed it who knows the cat just have babies or smth

Rip cat :older_woman: :wave: :cat2:

:dancer: :cat:

It’s often best to let them die than see them suffer even further. Everyone will have their times, eventually.

You have to learn to let go, despite it being harsh


That’s also what my parents told me… they said something like “she suffer too much… if we let her like that, she will only suffer and her pain would be worse…”

As i may said previously in the thread, she wasn’t eating a lot soo… she would probably pass out due to hunger…

Once she didn’t ate for like 2 days because we didn’t noticed she wasn’t able to go to the kitchen…


Sorry if the topic is dead or anything, my cat has aswell died after some homeless dogs bited her.

I feel sorry for you, specially if the cat is already a part of your family. I really understand the pain… I actually prepared a coffin I made 2 years ago because i am very prepared for anything that may or what happens in the present and in the future.

I really hope your ok now, and sorry if this is very graphic or anything.

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Shoot that so sad, btw I honestly think it’s better I feel you don’t show the image, even though it is censored