My Epic Pickaxe disappear in quantum safe

So i was put my 4 epic pickaxe at the quantum safe, and then my plan is to sell them all but i lost them when i take it one by one. at that time I didn’t realize that the pickaxe wasn’t picked up at my inventory and i just continue and lost them all

Can i got my 4 epic pickaxe back ?and can this bug fixed forever.
Because 4 epic pickaxe are expensive for me and im shaking when these happening to me :cry::sob:

Forgive me if you dont understand what im talking about because im using google translate

These how i lost my epic pickaxe before

Lol u look like Destini but anyway You must contact

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@Dev Help this kind guy out pls

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I took it

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isn’t this bs an edit


The only explanation is Dark Magic.

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Ill check later

I know why now.

Its got to do with smth about u not being able to have more than 1 of the same pickaxe in your inventory

now forgive me if i’m wrong, but look closely at this torch on the left
its barely moving, at 0:24 it changed its frame

from then on until he closes the menu, the torch does not change
Again. I might be wrong

@Dogimin it would be better if you could post a higher quality video of this
Here, i tried doing this and it did not work

heres one where i edited it out
Look at the edges where you can see when i cut it, its a really obvious edit cuz you can see the mouse

Well i HAVE to have some doubt about this, cuz if i were you, as soon as i saw that the first one disappeared, i wouldn’t have tried to make the others disappear too.

just email support :smiley:

I dont know when i try one more time in my device it still work, but when i try the second one again it won’t disappear again like before. That so weird because its wasn’t like that before. And yeah when that happen i just don’t realize and still take my epic pickaxe until 4 of them disappear and i just shock

So at that time i just take it from my quantum save. I didn’t clik anything when these happend i just click the pickaxe and it disappear.

This is my record with more high quality on it

But why, why would you do that?

why did you make the other 2 epic pickaxes disappear if you saw that the first one did ._.

I dont realize, its my fault that i lose 4 epic pickaxe because i think im already got the pickaxe in my inventory.

I just realize when check my inventory and the quantum save


You cant have more than 1 of the same pickaxe in your inventory…

Sorry if i’m being too harsh, but i seriously find it hard to believe that you would not know that you can’t stack pickaxes

I mean how i know if i dont realize that i don’t have the pickaxe on my inventory

Because when you put them in there, you would have had to do it 1 by 1

So at that time i just take the pickaxe at my quantum save, i want to sell it but when i check my inventory its disappear i think i just dont take it before so i do it again and again

From now on i just scare to put my expensive item to storage and i will just drop it

So then why did you do it 3 times more?

There were 4 pickaxes
I think i would notice if i had none on me and 3 in the safe
either way i think you would notice it if you had 2 in the safe and 0 on you when you started out with 4

Dude i just dont realize my pickaxe wasn’t take at my inventory. I just confuse because i have 5epic pickaxe at the same storage i dont count my pickaxe when that happend.

And i just realize when i only have 1 epic pickaxe at my inventory but 0 pickaxe at my storage

You replicated the bug with 3 pickaxes, so you must have edited it to be 4

But up here you said you had 4??? :thinking:



You know how the bug work right like you said before.
i think it because you not being able to have more than 1of the same pickaxe in your inventory

So from 5 to 1 pickaxe because they are the same pickaxe