My friend scammed me and now is lying

I recntly came on pw as a joke i had a ton of furry suits and exp items in my world and my friend who was quiting had full rights to my world but recently the whole world has been trashed and all of the expensive items have been cleared out my world is GVIDO my username is GGVVIIDDOO10 and my scammer friends name is MarcyPw i know him irl and hes saying that he wasnt online but when i told him to provide proof trough steam last playey he told me he cant scroll down to see it i as soon as he said that i knew he was lying and did scam my items iwas wondering if mods could do something to see if it was him really and return my items or atleast get him banned!!!

not a very good friend then is he :smile:

I don’t think that’s possible, unfortunately, but you’ve got to learn from your mistakes. Never trust anyone in the game, even your irl friends, because moderators can’t return stolen items, so think smart next time and stay safe.