My Lock Farm

Y’all gonna ask whats the purpose. We’ll I made this farm simply because i want to do the quest or sell it but because it failed someone took it. The reason of my inactivity is school thats is why my lock decayed. I was unable to download and look just a second because of poor internet connection. Im visiting the far hoping Mrrap… gonna come and give the world back. It was 3 days pass and still no signs.

If the reason of my inactivity will not help to get the world back… please mods or devs im hoping to get my locks :pleading_face:.

many locks have been broken already

ooooof maybe u can wait for these locks to decay lol
or do u know the owner of these locks?
maybe u can gain access.

I don’t understand the topic clearly maybe due to I just woke up.

All I can say, there is a possibility they can help you.

This happened to me years ago but different scenario and different reason.

I quitted years ago and removed the World Lock of my main world, instead put Small Locks on the entrance and after some months I decided to take it back and there’s tons and tons of Small Locks outsides which is not mine.

I contact some mod, 1 responded which is SEAF and after some investigation, he said he can’t help. What happened is I just wait for tue locks to decay and I got it back now.

Im finding the owner

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