My nightmare is coming true

Pixel worlds might turn out like Growtopia and unfortunately, I had a dream that Jake would leave… Coincidentally it happened.

Oh jeez…

Is this a sign?

Now I have a feeling we may see more ALTs in here and no new or good moderators.



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we didn’t even get to see the new developers, why not stop being negative about it
they might be way better than the first devs
just a matter of time


They still haven’t shown themselves.

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Wait, waht was the proof that endless is leaving?

8 developers working for kukouri
5 devs left/are leaving the company → Jake , Dev , EndlesS , Apoov & MidnightWalker
All of them except Jake are going to the same company, and Jake goes somewhere else.

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So the 3 left are… Siskea, Lokalapsi, and whoever the new CEO is.

Siskea’s job is to review people as Influencers.
Lokalapsi’s job? Nobody even knows.
New CEO? Well, what’d you expect a CEO to do.

All of them have little to do with PW as the game. The people with most impact on the game are the devs, designers, artists, and CMs.

Lokalapsi is a data analyst, however they are on maternity leave for now. Not sure how much longer that will last for though.
There’s also bbricks, who was an intern before becoming a programmer at Kukouri for a while now.

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I’m kinda afraid that the new team will be like bbricks - nobody, except a few people know about them, what they do, nor do they interact with the community.

I miss Dev commenting on bug report threads and actually taking the effort to fix these bugs.

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He talked just today in the Discord server, it kinda looks like he does plan to talk to us. Either way, no use in thinking too pessimistically, I highly doubt things will be terrible from here on, just different.

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I’m pretty sure 68% of the developers leaving the game isn’t a good thing.


I really hope all the devs leaving won’t be the nail in the coffin for pixel worlds. I really disliked a lot of the decisions made last year, such as focusing on a big feature nobody cares about, and the worlds locks becoming untradeable, etc. I don’t want Pixel Worlds to go the same route Growtopia. Growtopia is a shell of its former self, even if it continues to update. Ubisoft has done a terrible job of handling Growtopia, not only is it p2w now, but also the items don’t fit Growtopia. I really hope the “new team” shares the same passion Jake, and the old dev team did.

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Remember Ubisoft adding a “rayman suit” or stuff like that in the game, just because it is their IP?

Also, GT is literally unplayable now. Go in START and try to play. Tens of bots who promote their casino worlds.

Random worlds section? Nah, casino promotion board.

All SBs now are just adverts for casinos and/or “free wl” scam worlds.

Nobody has fun in GT anymore. It’s just who has the most BGLs now.

I really don’t want to be pessimistic, however with the way the economy is heading, PW is aiming to be Growtopia 2, with a new team amplifying that.

I’m a little confused by this point. Isn’t PW doing as much as it can to not go down the same rabbit hole? Preventing hyper inflation by making world locks untradeable & having byte taxes on a lot of things, having fair markets (ie. no vending machines, using anonymous trading platform), and deflating the economy to lower the amount of coins in circulation to help with the 4 year hyperinflation. I’d say all of those are much different than the game you mentioned regardless

Switching to hyper deflation*

And bbricks

Am I the only one who thinks it’s kinda strange that suddenly 68% the development team just leaves?


Nope :sweat_smile:

To be absolutely honest, I might start using this logo for NewPW:

what pw og players be like when they see a new account, new player “donate”, og “alt ez”