My outfits disappeared in the mannequins

To the Pixel Worlds support team,

I just came back to the game after a long break and noticed that the outfits I had in my mannequins are gone. I already tried logging in and out, and even checked my inventory and other worlds, but I didn’t find them. Maybe there was some kind of glitch or bug that caused this, but I’d really appreciate some help getting my outfits back. Thanks in advance."

World Name: LASTYEAR

It’s likely someone with full rights took your clothes, have you checked who have access to your world?

if you had a break for over a year then it is very likely that your world decayed and someone took them , if your locks did not decay check for whoever might have access in them

@RetNos I just removed their rights last week, only one person has a full rights which I know personally and he is Mevs, I know he wouldn’t take my stuffs, and I’m the one that told him to try playing this game 3 years ago. Sorry I forgot to reply immediately as I was busy with the events at school.

@Antonis73 I didn’t took a break for a year and my worlds are not decayed :frowning:

I swapped my clothes at the left mannequin before I left, so what im wearing here which is when I’m holding a staff is lost with the 2 outfits. (my summer and mining set)

Any further issues are due to server failure, you might be able to get a compensation if loikalapsi returns

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