My POV of the Pixel Worlds (Duplicating)

Dupers are racing to sell duped items, since I heard that the so called “Dupe Method” got leaked. Also the dupes occurred only because of the bad performance of Pixel Worlds servers. They fixed the issue today, stating that there will be minimal rollbacks occurring.

The damage is already done, and it’s Developer’s fault that he wasn’t quick enough to put the game into the Maintenance Break phase and take action on the issue.

We told each other stuff like “Pixel Worlds is dead” a year ago, well today is the day when the pw will make it’s downfall.

Pixel Worlds is doomed.


I can’t tell you who that was since he didn’t allow me to tell you, but sent me these screenshots of dupes.

I think it’s very clear that the items he has dropped in his world are unobtainable / glitched / developer items.

As stated earlier, the damage is already done and can’t be fixed, but what Pixel Worlds Developers can do is start listening to people and bring their ideas to the actual game, like people (For Example QwU) made a whole event and templates for you, just do it instead of waiting for the game to die.

Thank you for reading, I hope developers take action once.


Firstly there is no development team

I fear the game is in process of collapsing…rn.

I do not know why kukouri have done nothing .

Players on discord were quite adamant, the other day duping is not fixed.

As for items like this well, it just shows incompetence . Why is it someone with admin rights cannot find these items?

In many ways I’d like to see a complete reboot.

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YEEESSS this would fix the game, but the years grinding or having fun, the collected rare worlds, trophys would be gone… And the original usernames also…

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I agree, my username is actually more important than all of it…

Mind you would most likely have to do all that if a v.2 ever materialised

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Amazing, that people show no interest in important topics…

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no one tries to care anymore, the game is already dead for most people

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Well, this game still holds a special place in my heart


There might or might not be something wrong or you are simply not aware of everything that has happened within the game since the last time you checked :sweat_smile:

I’ve kept eye on the community for a while now, and I can tell

@RetNos What do you think about this topic?

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WMU, remember it’s not really the moderator’s job to discuss the development of the game, rather just do a good job of moderating the forums.

You can try mentioning some of the current developers or waiting for Lokalapsi’s eventual return. That’s not to say I don’t disagree with the points above though.


This is the doom mongers view , and in a way I get it, especially coming from someone who has done everything in the game.

However there have been are still so many new to the game players who think it’s amazing …

This is really where Kukouri are short sighted… They are sat on a gold mine

i don’t think a new player has too much to do; in less than a week you can explore every feature as the dungeons are few and really basic, mining and fishing are so small in terms of options for gears and rewards that it’s basically the same thing ever since the first mine and fish, crafting items is really not worth it for the expenses and time, quests like butterfly and superhero are not worth completing, trading as a main activity is dead, world building is not worth it for the price and time plus there’s programs that do it for you, jet racing is probably the worst feature and it takes weeks to make even the cheapest jet, card battling is just luck and only worth your time and investment if you gamble on it, the rewards from pet adventures are trash nowadays, fishing tournaments are extremely flawed and lack actual competitiveness, black tower is the cool event that happens once a year but at least lasts long (bonus point for being able to grind untradable wings and selling the account for super high pricing)


It’s the same game as the one we found!

There is a lot MORE to do in fact cos there are more items and more events than when the game first appeared.

New players aren’t aware of dupes, the mug mask is a good example of that.

It’s a sad fact that duping has opened up the unobtainable for many players. It’s still ruined the game but with so many traders controlling the game before it, it defo wasnt perfect. The scrabbling around for epic PWRs is real - just visit pixel station you’ll see. The most recent secret base was super busy, yet playing that to get a epwr had become ridiculous in recent years, the items had become so expensive 99.9% or players sold the items .

You really have to put yourself in a new players pov.

I heard, that the dupers apparently spawned in Mug Masks, CC Brown, CC Black. Since there was no Mug Masks or CC Browns and Blacks in game. (Only the Mug Mask which was made for someone).

I know a guy that had CC Brown in his old beta account which got banned. I didn’t believe him at first but when I logged into his account (While he was banned) the account was wearing those CC Brown hair. - Happened in 2021

Account should be still banned, and Brown CC should still be in the account.

actually there was one up until as recently as 2023 when it was traded and got lost, so most likely all duplicates come from that exact one

I heard that story also. This exact thing happened with long blonde hair also. Quick explanation:

Canol was the only known one to have the Lbh. Canol sold them to Sign. But before selling it, Canol gave METS this exact pair of hair, and METS duped it, after that, METS gave it back to Canol while having the duplicates and then Canol REALLY SOLD the pair of lbh. Simple as that. Canol has been into illegal stuff for years now, but he is not getting banned since Sign is helping him to avoid the ban.