My scrapped back item submission (?)

I haven’t gotten any answer to what the rules of the back item competition was, but what the closest thing what jake have mentioned is that IF a back item is 100% a backgear, it can be qualified to the competition.

Personally, as much i would say it, im a bit upset that i’ve spent quite handful of time on this specific Sceptre back item submission i’ve prepared, with first glimse of an In-game view perspective edit, which is something i’ve never seen anyone made.
Unfortunately, that time invested may’ve been put into a casual community creation for that part.

As much time i put to it, it comes forward to my question i stated earlier to jake, about the whole back item contest, which i would atleast get some minor clarification of the answer he given when i asked about the rules. But for now, that’s everything i prepared.


It’s looks cool. :cool:

What do you use to make such things. And to turn it into gifs

I could probably make a video about this, not sure.

The competition started?

Looks amazing, why is it scrapped though?

Because jake said that weapon back items aren’t allowed, basically.

damn, the item looks very good, sad its not allowed to participate, it probably would hit top 10.

bump for the scump!!

Shame. With something this well-designed you could easily win. I really love the idea of a back item being a weapon.