My theory about the BIG UPDATE

I think I can see demon altar npc but not nether vendor, but it’s just me.


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Thank you.

Another speculation!

The Card Game thread suggestion was posted, and replied by Dev on December 11, 2020.

While Jake mentioned about the “big update” on January 14, 2021.

And that’s just 34 days apart!

Do note that January 14, 2021 is right after Jake’s christmas holiday. Could it be possible that they’ve talked about it before the holiday and decided to mention it a month after?

It also seems like Jake likes pokemon (which also has a card game) If I remember correctly, he even sang the theme song of it on a stream lol

Now let’s go back to dev’s reply:

“There are some developers who want this to happen” Is he talking about Jake? Since like I’ve mentioned earlier, Jake seems to like pokemon, so was this update created for Jake? He’s also really excited to show us the update, and he even gave us 2 teasers for it. Which makes me think, is this all really just a coincidence or not?

I think I may be overthinking too much :sweat_smile:

Hmm there is still a good chance it isn’t a card game but at the moment it’s most likely what it’s gonna be

I couldn’t see it on this picture either, but it was much clearer on @vanoyt383_pro’s thread, take a look.

the moment when i found the skull…
bandicam 2021-03-18 17-26-54-997

That picture’s also from me :joy: As you can see, my name is above the picture, which he quoted from my post from another thread.

That picture’s in this thread as well.

Sorry about that, didn’t even notice that it was yours. The linked thread is still much clearer anyway, because cutting out the rest of the thread made the image larger.

It’s cool, I understand.

It’s also possible that the update could somewhat be related to/about the netherworld. Considering that the skull is from the nether and like I’ve mentioned earlier, the purple background from Jake’s picture kind of looks like a nether portal which makes me believe that they chose the color purple for that purpose.

This probably related to nether worlds. I remember jake said in one stream or video to they are doing some thing to nether worlds.

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I think that’s just the generic background art that every card will have, or a placeholder.
I think Jake said that they want to bring all the games features together with a big update, so it might be related to that, who knows.

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I think skull appears when your opponent defeated your card Soo this character on your card is dead.

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@Jay you were right! It was a card game! (Or anybody else who thought the same.)


yupp livestream revealed it you were right bro




LET’S GOOOOO @vanoyt383_pro



Well, you was right about it. It seems to be fun, so I’ll give it a try. :smile:


I think this card is something like the card that sends one monster into the card graveyard ( Yu-Gi-Oh card)

I don’t remember the name