My Vending Machine (short and simple)

this one is a misinterpretation of my definition of the vending machine

My Vending Machines are not like a PWE.

It’s regular a item storage chest that uses the player to player trading system for 1 way automated buying and selling of items for sale and currencies.

All Vending Machines are unique and separate. They are not connected to the same environment as a PWE.

Costs 20,000 gems in the “Special Items” shop category.

Automate your trading when you’re focusing on something else. Let your customers buy what they want while you’re playing spleef, building, making pixel art, talking to others, or sleeping in real life.


4 trade slots in Sell and Buy like in regular trading.
5 slots in your vending machine list.
Must be an item you have that you can sell.
You place an offer for any item in the Buy column.
No byte coin tax. No tax in general.
Players can only interact with the Buy Column and view the Sell Column.

Basically automated 1-way trading compact mini-item shops. 5 slot limitation. Buy and get as many as your want to mass automate your trading. Selling bait, fishes, mining materials, clothes, blocks, seeds, and more? Now you can let others do the work of buying the items without you actually having to be there to sell said items (or you can if you want to).

Collect your earnings once you get back. No expiration to collect earnings.

You can collect your earnings 1 at a time per row, or collect all at 1 time.

Can’t break the interactive prop if you have items inside the Vending Machine.

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I actually wouldn’t mind a item showing what you buy or sell. The main reason why we have pwe is its more fair for every player not for the ones with the rare world names. This would probably kill PWE tho, I think that this machine should use bytes and not wls because as bytes are meant to be the main trading currency and not wls. Vending machines will never come but we have PWE.

Rare world names are irrelevant my friend. They aren’t considered “tangible” items that you can buy or sell through the vending machine. Through that, all world names and worlds in general are irrelevant to the happenings of what is sold and bought inside a vending machine.

I can make multiple random text spam named worlds. But if I want to sell items with or without vending machines, that’s considered an item shop.

I can do the same with 2 letter named worlds.

It doesn’t matter what the world name is.

The PWE is unfair. Anonymity means anyone can jack the prices without getting flack for doing so. Byte coins are decreasing in value instead of staying at a set value.

PWE is basically the old iteration of the vending machine aka “Sell-o-mat” gone wrong.

Let’s say you own the world BuyWing. You can buy Blue Dragon Wings for 8 Wls through the vending machine and jack the price up to 15wls. So if anyone who cannot find the wings either it would be in the world or pwe, they would most likely buy it from the vend

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That’s un-avoidable mate. This game is fully of greedy kids trying to make a profit. Go to the world TRADE and you’ll understand. The Vending Machines is just supposed to made trading easier when you’re not actively trading in person.

The PWE is the Great Recession of '08. And the still on-going Recession/Depression of 2020.

I predict a stock market crash where all byte coins are considered worthless. Be warned and sell all your byte coins before it’s too late.

I think its the same with World locks there probably decreasing in value too. They prevented jacking up the prices by making you pay a deposit. Its alot easier to jack up the prices. This is why we have PWE everyone is on the same playing field. The reason why we don’t have vending machines because they have a lot of flaws.

  • people with buy+ worlds have a advantage

  • jacking the prices is super easy

  • Tax might be necessary as that was supposed to stop inflation

  • Not really newbie friendly as PWE is much easier to start off with
    theres more issues with them than that tho

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No. World locks are defined by the value of every item in the game.

But the value of world locks to itself would never change by the day. A world lock would be a world lock, no matter how many there is in the game.

Byte coins are defined a constantly fluctuating value that, given time, will either increase or decrease depending on the current trends and standards within the game.

Their self-worth as a currency is a failure because of the the market comparison between the value of world locks, constantly changing PWE values, and itself.

Right now, byte coins are being sold for 300 bc/1 wl.

If you want to make a profit, you would have to sell lower than what you bought for against competing offers.

If you sold at 280/1wl, you would make a profit of 20 byte coins.

If someone else wanted to they would counter your offer with a 290/1wl to willing customers.

You would either have to stick with what you have or attempt to fight your competition with a better offer.

The same idea works in the PWE. You fight your competition with competing prices hoping for profit. But that only just cripples the economy even more when there’s an influx of currency.

The tax itself is a miniscule margin when reaping the total profits. It’s not enough to stop inflation.

People with “buy+” worlds do not have an advantage. Rare world names do not have an advantage. You guys aren’t explaining why they have an advantage. It doesn’t matter if players have a vending machine or not. It’s just supposed to be a way to automate your trading if you don’t want to just use byte coins as a reference for the value of your items.

Even with jacked prices, people will always be looking for the better offer if they smell blood in the water. Never trust community set prices. Listen to your intuition.

It’s hurting my small brain how people aren’t explaining WHY and HOW Vending Machines will cripple the economy.

The vending machine you guys keep on saying is a bad idea to add to the game is already in the game. It’s called the


Don’t attempt to sugarcoat it.

The PWE fixes a ton of issues with the vending machines

  • More newbie friendly

  • Tax to decress infaltion

  • more even playing field

Lets use @Hazzled example with buywings lets say if your looking for dragon wings you can’t find them in Trade or PWE so the only world you know with a vending machine that sells wings would be buywing so you would buy them there for overpriced cause thats what happened in growtopia. Basically if you own a world called sellwings23 no one will ever go there without a gm the buy+ worlds have a better advantage with a item your looking for and not the other worlds. also the popular worlds have the exact same advantage. So i wouldn’t call Pixel Worlds Exchange a sugarcoat.


Imagine we playing PW in 2021, automated trading. Never have to trade ever again. So OP.

why are ppl actually suggesting for vend?

if vend with the currency of gems/wl existed then expect spammers to be welcomed.

unless if vend has its own taxes, but im still worried about pw’s future if vending exists when pwe alr exist, but in a form of bc.

and if this existed, then bc will go boom and wl goes stonk… ik its useful but it may have some negative impact to the game.

Isn’t PWE just the game’s version of a vending machine?

Pwe is good so it doesn’t need to be replaced, is more accurate and doesn’t sell at will and has its own tax

Care to explain other than a simple statement?