My World got Stolen

Im not sure if my World’s lock got decayed, cuz i swapped it days ago. Then suddenly the world was replaced with a Battlelock, i think someone hacked my account and replaced the world’s lock. I had my life savings in there.

Please if someone can help me, or a moderator who could get my world back, please help me.

It’s possible you or the world lagged at the time the lock was placed …

When this occurs its as though the action(s) carried out never happened.

It could just be me but there seemed to be a spate of this recently

That said you wrote [quote=“ravenrevania, post:1, topic:21597”]
cuz i swapped it days ago.

This is an odd thing to say, you don’t need to change locks… :thinking:

Btw what is the world name . I’d like to see said battle lock …

The world name is ELHAQWORLD , Please if you could help me investigasi it.

Pada Min, 19 Nov 2023 14.36, ducatis via Pixel Worlds Forum <> menulis:

Yeah well I help I sadly can’t.

I wanted to see the name on it , it’s not as though you can post it.

Not an acct name I’ve seen before. Not so common with numbers in, although I suppose names must eventually be running out

Once again good luck

Contact Retnos , also contact pixel worlds support. Sorry for your losses.Probally hacker or dupe world

Thanks for telling me, how do I contact Retnos?

Pada Kam, 23 Nov 2023 04.15, Mynamesucks via Pixel Worlds Forum <> menulis:

Let’s see I know Retnos replied on the GENERAL TOPIC lost account so just click on Retnos’s avatar and message them also email



Dude where do you get this admin info?

Lokalapsi is not and has not been in game for a long time.

In fact are any of those actually in that role now?

I got it from the wiki but I guess it’s out of date

Just a bit!.

I guess you haven’t realised / worked out yet the owners (of PW) no longer use any multimedia channels, nor interact with players.

Lokalapsi used to run a regular live chat, I don’t think there have been any since she left…?

There is zero active development of the game. Mods are still in place but I never see them .

The owners could face some challenges from regulations and paying players if there was no moderation… many Western countries have some strict rules about under 13’s which they just cannot ignore …

It’s why so many have cried out for so long for them to sell up. I’ve come round to that thinking too. The game has so much potential

I’ll sign off from this now else I’ll just end up writing endless stuff… :joy:

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