My world rollback on last friday

My world rollback and some of my items duplicated please help with removing them.A lot of my friends couldn’t get in as if you tried so you would get a maintenance break. I just want the duplicated items to get removed from my account. Basically I was just in my world named BPRO fertilising some trees when I got “kicked” Out of it with a maintenance break message. I tried to get in the game again and I realises that it was sonly that world which had the problem. When I could get in the world was as it was 10mins before the maintenance. It actually got rollback and caused some items of mine to duplicate. I have them all dropped in my world BPRO(they are mixed with the real ones though). In game name:BillyproYt

Email support kukouris email they won’t reply here

Write a email to:

I have already done so a week before