Name Bug

This isn’t the first time this happen, mostly EVERYTIME when someone joined, checked their name through chat. It gives random instead of their name. For those haven’t tried, do make sure to give it a try.
Ps: I checked that player and he’s not a mod disguise as other name @Dev

You might think I clicked the wrong chat, so that dude entered back just now after a few min, I clicked on his name again and now it’s different again

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If you press on it at the same time as a new message is sent, it will show you the sender of the message next to it, even if the original player is highlighted.

this is the reason I put 2 photo, to prevent comment like you to appear, still it appear. The first one doesn’t have new message when I click on it, and I did it multiple time its still same

I’ll tell you what happened
When you tried clicking on name, new message popped up, and with u mouse there it do it for the bottom one instead of lower.

Wait, I was wrong, it doesn’t show you the message on the bottom, it actually shows you a random guy.

This bug happens whenever a moderator deletes a GM. Everything gets completely screwed up in more ways than one

The “player entered” and “player left” messages actually show random people, not gm senders.

If you press on “You are spamming, please stop” though, it shows you a gm.

Okay, and my statement still stands, as I said before, the entire chat gets messed up.
I know this because I witnessed it myself.

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I haven’t seen that yet, maybe I haven’t pressed on anything after a gm gets deleted. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Who would’ve thought that something as simple as deleting messages couldn’t be implemented without breaking the game
oh wait

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Oh no, you revealed that I’m a subject


My theory of what happens is this -

There are 2 arrays, one contains the message, the other contains the player

gmmsg = []
gmplayer = []

Message “Lol” gets send by Neoslayer

gmmsg = [“Lol”]
gmplayer = [Neoslayer]

Message “Bananas” gets send by Destii

gmmsg = [“Lol”, “Bananas”]
gmplayer = [Neoslayer, Destii]

Everything is right, yet.

Index 0 of both arrays returns Neoslayer’s “Lol”, and index 1 returns Destii’s “Bananas”

Now, they probably forget to remove the player from gmplayer together with the message.

So what happens, is this

Neoslayer’s “Lol” gets removed

gmmsg = [“Bananas”]
gmplayer = [Neoslayer, Destii"]

Now, index 0 would return “Neoslayer” and “Bananas”, so when a gm from Destii is pressed, it makes it seem like it was Neoslayer who sent the message

Edit: No idea what happens with the cases when no gm is deleted.

Yeah, the message removal may break the chat message indexing, it’s a known issue. I don’t think you should even be able to highlight the leave/enter messages.

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You’re right, we shouldn’t, that’s why it’s confusing

myth BUSTED ;O my dude

Not sure if it has been fixed, but it turns out Jake has experienced this bug himself.

Although what you just said is/was also a thing, that’s not it. Right clicking a text where “player left/entered the world” has always had this issue, it’s been in the game since… forever and therefore gets called a feature.