Name changing idea

I know lot of you guys dont really like this idea, but i think these will be good to add with name changing

•you can change your name only if you pay 100kgems and your account its like 1000days old

•if you have banned you cant change name but if you have warning, you cant change your name for 3 months

•you can change your name into name which is avaible but its not somenodys og name

•you can change your name only once and change your name back only once! (Cost 10k gems)

•mods and devs can see your og name

These thing i think is good to add xd


This idea is just bad, the possibilities for bad people to use this to their advantage are just way too many
If you want another name just make another account (it’s free and you can make as many as you want)
All of this risk for just minor problems being solved (like keeping friends in your list and not losing your level and achievement progress)

I could see why some people would want this, and it SHOULD be a simple beneficial thing, but as someone who played the now-shutdown game Deepworld, name changes were one of the worst features. Scammers, Griefers, and toxic players would abuse the name change once they got exposed. It also made it extremely hard to keep track of my friends because they all changed their names. Honestly its best if everyone just keeps their names the same. If you really wanted a new username that badly, your best bet is making a new account.

its like scamming someone’s 200 PLs and immediately buys name changer to hid his identification.

i know this is useful, but its bad for players nowadays.
and if theres a odd chances of this added, id suggest you:

make it never

how about the 100k gems for name changer? dosent make sense.


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Pixel worlds will not adopt a player name change system like because, fortunately it secures every account and it also keeps us away from people who cheat and sell accounts.

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I personally don’t have anything hard against this idea if the ability to see a person’s record within the past year be made transparent whether via pay per view or what-not, I don’t really mind. Otherwise, it gets a hard no from me.

Even though many people have suggested an enormous amount of different ideas to implement the “Name Changing” feature in the game, it’s just something that would probably never happen.

This most likely is going to create confussion between the players, and make difficult the job of moderators and administrator to track the rule breaker, even if they can see your previous name.

So it’s a no from me.